Friday, April 3, 2015

27 weeks with the girls

Going from 26 to 27 weeks with the girls was a huge milestone. When we finally got to 27 weeks I felt I could breath a little easier. While 28 weeks was still our goal, I felt so much better knowing that if we delivered at 27 weeks it was so much better than 25 or 26 weeks.

The few days leading up to 27 weeks were somewhat uneventful. Laynie's cord continued to just bounce between intermittent absent to reverse flow to having flow. Everyday brought us something different but we were just hanging out at or status quo. We prayed daily and the relief I felt everyday knowing I'd get one more day was one of the best feelings I would get.

On the day I turned 27 weeks the OB that was covering decided it would be best to schedule my c-section for 28 weeks since Adam and I had decided not to push our luck past 28 weeks. Every one of the OB's agreed with Adam and my decision to not push it past 28 weeks. For Adam and I we were given such horrible prognosis and not a whole lot had changed in the month that we were dealing with all of this. So we just felt that 28 weeks the chances of survival were pretty good and they didn't really increase that much until 34 weeks so why risk losing her.

Dr. Heitt described it the best when we were talking about it. Adam had mentioned that when we start to see red flags that it would be time to deliver. Dr. Heitt plainly stated that we were swimming in red flags, in fact they were crimson flags. That was the point where Adam and I knew we were making the right decision. 28 weeks was our goal!

On March 2nd our ultrasound was showing absent flow but no reverse flow. The doctor we were dealing with that day was Dr. Conover. We weren't thrilled with this fact since he was so non compassionate to us about Laynie 4 weeks previous. But we went with it. We were just grateful to be getting one more day.

But then on March 3rd. Everything changed....

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